Here are some websites I've designed. I love to handcode sites so I know HTML, CSS and some Javascript.
Click on the photo to view the live site.

Hawaiian Isles Concierge

A hub of Hawaii activities for visitors. I designed all the graphics and coded the site and also the moving slideshow. Looks great on a mobile device too!

Maui Personal Concierge

Designed to be mobile-friendly (looks great on a smartphone!) this site was used for travelers visiting Maui. This was the first in a series of sites designed, one for each island, introducing visitors to some recommended restaurants and sights.

Firebird Photography Blog & Site

A fluid mobile-friendly blog done in Wordpress. Designed the logo, background and column layout.

Firebird Photography Old Site (offline)

Handcoded this site from scratch. This site was my baby until I discovered the time-saving magic of Squarespace!